Yoga Heart: Lines on the Six Perfections

Published July 2011
Stone Bridge Press
$12.95 | 131 pgs.

These meditative poems on the Buddha’s six qualities for a meaningful life—generosity, kindness, patience, joyful effort, stillness, wisdom – were written over years of “Everyday Zen” practice, inspired by nature, meditation, yoga, Zen, Buddhism, Osho, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Heart Yoga, Tantra, ancient Japanese and Chinese poetry, Rumi, Kabir, haiku, love and life.

They are designed to inspire the journey toward awareness, interconnectedness and bliss.

Praise for Yoga Heart: Lines on the Six Perfections

Yoga Heart is a tiny treasure to hold and to behold. Even the typography and colors are food for contemplation...highly recommended for people who will not only read the lines for enjoyment, but also use them for contemplation and right action in life.

New York Journal of Books

Leza’s poems are pure gems of wisdom that will wake you up, inspire you, challenge you, move you, and call you to action to live your yoga more fully. Yoga Heart rocks the heart of yoga, which is the desire to live not just to better ourselves, but to help better the world.

MC Yogi

Giving can take so many forms—giving time, giving money, and giving thoughts. The power of Leza’s poems is centered around giving thoughts for everything we have been given in our lives. Take the time to read her words, absorbing the beauty and love for all that we are given.

Founders of Yoga Aid, Clive Mayhew and Eriko Kinoshita

Poetry, like yoga, is food for our soul. What a gracious feast Leza has prepared for us. She guides us inward with her beautiful, poetic meditations and inspires us to move outward with her artful expressions of love.

Tracey Rich of the White Lotus Yoga Foundation

Multimedia for Yoga Heart: Lines on the Six Perfections

Straight Talk on Relationships, Marriage, Decisions and Discovering your Life’s Purpose.

Leza Lowitz dishes with Sara Shivani of Body-Bliss-Business, Australia (7’51”)