Yoga Studio

Leza Lowitz, M. A., is the founder, owner, and director of Sun and Moon Yoga. She wanted to bring a California sense of relaxation to Tokyo and, since 2003, has been honored to have a great team of dedicated, experienced, kind, creative, and mindful teachers who share yoga with thousands of people from all over the world who stop into her warm, welcoming studio.

The studio’s name is taken from the Sanskrit word hatha, which is the type of yoga practiced at Sun and Moon Yoga. Ha means “Sun” and tha means “Moon.” Through the practice of yoga postures, breathing, meditation, and awareness, we balance the opposite energies of the body/mind (sun and moon, male and female, light and dark, left and right, heaven and earth) and create union (Yoga)–a sanctuary for the soul.

Leza has taught yoga to adults, kids, dogs, stiff-as-a-board salarymen, bored housewives, Academy Award-winning actors and directors, Grammy Award winning-musicians, real live Knights, soldiers and ninja, homeless people, newscasters, famous comedians, complete unknowns, and everyone in between.

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