In Search of the Sun: One Woman’s Quest to Find Family in Japan

Published Oct. 2018
Wandering Mind Books
$19.99 | 366 pgs.

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At 44, an American woman teaching yoga in Japan seeks to adopt—a story of triumphant love for families everywhere.

Californian Leza Lowitz is single and traveling the world, which suits her just fine. Coming of age in Berkeley, California, during the sexual and feminist revolutions of the 1970s, she learned that marriage and children could wait. Or could they?

She moves to Japan and meets the man of her dreams, who opens her heart in ways she never thought possible. Rather than struggle to fit in as an outsider far from home, she opens a yoga studio in Tokyo and makes a home for others. She visits India to work on herself and spends time back in California to deal with her past. But something is still missing until she returns to Japan to discover that when you give a little love to a child, you get the whole world in return.

This inspiring memoir reflects the author’s deep connection to yoga that allows her to realize that infertile does not mean inconceivable. Through teaching, meditation, and community, she transcends her struggles and embraces the joys of adoption and motherhood.

Praise for Here Comes the Sun (originally published with Stone Bridge Press, 2015)

MC Yogi Image

Here Comes the Sun proves that love is not bound by blood. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in that which connects us, holds us together, and makes us family.


Sharon Gannon Image

In Lowitz’s quest for harmony and beauty—the story of a mother, told by a poet through the self-examination of a yogi—she discovers that where there is fear there can be no love, and where there is a victim there can be no enlightenment. I fell in love with everyone in this memoir of a woman wanting to be loved and to love. This is an intimate, brilliant, beautiful offering.

Sharon Gannon, Founder of Jivamukti Yoga

Cyndi Lee Image

The story of how this American Samurai’s kept her tender heart open in the face of continued obstacles will inspire every yogi who has ever forgotten to take refuge in their practice. Full of beauty and joy and truth and goodness and courage, this is a love story and a yoga page-turner.

Cyndi Lee, author, May I Be Happy: A Memoir of Love, Yoga, and Changing My Mind

We think we know where babies come from, but do we know how a mother is born? Here Comes the Sun is a wise and compelling story of becoming a mother by opening your heart. Warm, luminous and healing.

Karen Maezen Miller, author of Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood

In this beautiful and moving memoir, Leza Lowitz captures the ache we all have for love, and how the purest search can take us to unexpected corners of the earth.
Marie Mutsuki Mockett, author of Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese Say Goodbye