Inside and Other Short Fiction: Japanese Women by Japanese Women

Published Apr. 2006
Kodansha USA
$58.19 | 237 pgs.

Inside and other short fiction showcases the very best of recent writing by Japanese women writers today, including prize-winning novelists and authors never before published in English, as they explore the issue of female identity in a rapidly changing society.

Leza Lowitz and Hisako Ifshin co-translated the story “Piss” by Yuzuki Muroi, which is featured in this collection.

Praise for Inside and Other Short Fiction

This hip anthology of short fiction in translation features portraits of contemporary Japanese women. The eight stories share a sense that female identity in Japanese culture is changing...[d]ivorce, marriage, infidelity, apathy, boredom, and sex are frankly explored in tales that never veer toward the sentimental or overwrought. The authors included are some of the most popular and prolific female writers in Japan today, and this anthology marks their debut in English.


Bold stories by and about Japanese women who scorn the veneer of politesse and powder.

Elle Magazine

Exciting and invaluable.

Los Angeles Times Book Review

The work of a group of powerful writers.

Library Journal

You'll find no Hollywood geishas here - just women living - and surviving - the challenges of their daily lives. 

The Christian Science Monitor