Milk (Screenplay)


Premeired 1997
Fischer Film
Vienna, Austria

What happens when green tea meets milk?

Find out as four young urban nomads find themselves in Tokyo – a city spinning with pop culture and ancient traditions.

In particular, viewers follow:

  • a quirky Austrian artist drawn to the offbeat Japanese woman he met at New York’s Chelsea Hotel and a mysterious monument he discovers in Tokyo
  • a young Japanese woman who finds freedom in the role of Elevator Girl, where her many choices are reduced to “up” and “down”
  • a radio English teacher from New York who falls in love with a rogue salaryman

Spirits live, cultures clash, and twains meet in this hip, atmospheric, and truly original film.

Leza was the co-author of this project with Edgar Honetschläger, which was funded by the Austrian Ministry of Arts, Japan Foundation, and Bank of Osaka. 

Festivals where Milk was Shown

  • 1997

    Premiered at Vienna International Film Festival and nominated for Best Austrian Film • Berlin International Film Festival (Forum)

  • 1998

    Stockholm Film Festival • Bulgaria Film Festival

  • 1999

    Cannes Film Festival • Haidarabad Film Festival • New Delhi Film Festival • Rotterdam Film Festival • Geneva International Film Festival • Solothurn International Film Festival

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