Other Side River: Free Verse

Published June 1995
Stone Bridge Press
$6.95 | 244 pgs.

The work of 36 modern Japanese women poets, writing in an “imported” Western verse form and astonishing us with their diverse viewpoints, rhythms, themes, and insights, reveal much about the inner lives of women everywhere.

Edited by Leza and co-translated with with Miyuki Aoyama and Akemi Tomioka, this compilation is a companion to A Long Rainy Season: Haiku and Tanka.

Praise for Other Side River: Free Verse

A little gem made of exquisite poems... like a bright pomegranate just exploded.

Soichi Furuta

A marvelous collection...the tidal inevitability, power, and warmth of all this pent-up female energy is extremely exciting.

Pacific Reader

An extraordinary collection...With this anthology, Lowitz and her fellow translators have disclosed to the English reader a new world of poetry.

Donald Richie, The Japan Times