The Poetry of Yoga: Light Pouring from Pens

Published Oct. 2014
White Cloud Press
$18.95 | 276 pgs.

Yoga is a journey, an intricate dance of mind, body, breath, and spirit.

It is cultivation of self-awareness through reflection. The Poetry of Yoga is an ecstatic gathering of poetry written by some of the most accomplished and well-known spiritual teachers of our time. Poems are set in the following yogic themes: compassion, desire, freedom, transformation, and service.

A book all yoga practitioners cherish and return to over and over for nourishment and inspiration.

Leza is a contributor to this work.

Praise for The Poetry of Yoga: Light Pouring from Pens

Perfect for solitary contemplation, this anthology is full of yogic wisdom.

Yoga Journal Magazine

These beautiful poems speak to and are expressions of the very heart of yoga.

Kelly Birch, Editor, Yoga Therapy Today 

It is such an incredible combination of yoga and poetry that we were literally ‘blown away.’ It has so many great poems and the offerings from the yoga community makes us proud and happy to be a part of something so special.

Flow Yoga Magazine