Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By

Published Sept. 2006
Stone Bridge Press
$9.95 | 126 pgs.

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The sixty poems in this book are windows into the mind/body/spirit experiences that come about through yoga practice.

Each poem is named for a posture or breath exercise and is inspired by the physical properties of the pose or some aspect of breathing that led the poet to deeper understanding.

Listening to these poems read aloud, or contemplating them on one’s own, will help yoga students understand their own struggles and inspire them on the way to personal transformation.

Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By has been translated to Japanese, French, and Farsi.

Praise for Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By

Rodney Yee Image

I thank Leza for winding down the road of intimately describing her experiences within her yoga practice, extracting the essence of the yoga postures with her keen observation, and communicating them to us through potent poetry.

Rodney Yee

Georg Feuerstein Image

Hatha-Yoga at its best is both precision science and poetry of the heart. Leza Lowitz's inspired poems capture well this dual spirit. I have been enjoying them for their depth and grace.

Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D., author, The Yoga Tradition

Anne Cushman Image

Leza Lowitz understands that the body speaks in the language of dreams, sensations, images, and fractured memories. Her Yoga Poems emerge like strange and beautiful sea creatures from the ocean of the heart, gesturing towards mysteries that lie beyond linear thought.

Anne Cushman, author of The Idiot's Guide to Enlightenment and The Mama Sutra

Susan Trott Image

Leza Lowitz's poems are lovely, inspiriting, and liberating. Breath is the heart of yoga. Yoga Poems took my breath away!

Susan Trott, author of The Holy Man

Any student of yoga will find treasures to cherish within its pages.

Yoga Journal