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Leza Lowitz Owner of Sun and Moon Yoga in Tokyo

Leza is the owner of Sun and Moon Yoga in Tokyo
which Four Stories has called “Japan’s coolest way to reach Nirvana.”

For more about the studio, visit our homepage: www.sunandmoon.jp



Leza is featured in December, 2013 Yoga Journal Japan

Sun and Moon Yoga Featured in SAVVY TOKYO, December, 2013





“Inspiring. Heart-warming. Real. Leza imparts yogic tradition faithfully, but with creative flair and motherly love. Unlike many other high-profile teachers, she openly reveals all aspects of her humanity and demonstrates how yoga can bring out one’s best. Through her teaching, stories and poems, Leza encourages her students to face not only the blockages in their bodies, but also in their lives. On the mat, we are guided by her poetic essence. Off the mat, she invites us into her personal life so we can organically grasp the power of living yoga to the fullest. 

Leza was a catalyst for the yoga boom in Japan and continues to lead the way in yogic training, as well as community and national service to ensure greater wellbeing, safety and abundance for all. Participating in one of Leza`s class is a life-inspiring opportunity not to be missed! “
– Sara Shivani, Creator of Body Bliss Business


“It is said, ‘when you are ready, your teacher will appear’ and never a truer word has been said. I tip-toed into Leza’s Sun and Moon yoga studio a couple of months after it opened, and my mat and I have stayed there to this day.

Leza has a gift of inspiration. She is able to make the most profound and complex yoga messages easy to understand. Words flow from her with ease and she interweaves them within the creative classes she guides you through.

Leza has the wisdom and power to evolve her students in all aspects of their lives. She has been a integral part of my journey from yoga student to yoga teacher and I will be forever grateful for all that she has given and shared with me.”
– Em Bettinger, Yoga Instructor and Nutritional Consultant at Em-Yoga




“Maitri, karuna, mudita and upeksha; love, compassion, joy and equanimity —these are the words which come to my mind when I think of Leza and her teaching. She is a brilliant yoga teacher, an inspiring writer, an empowering spiritual guide and simply a beautiful human being. To me, she is the embodiment of a bodhisattva who always shows me how to help and serve others, and to love and to embrace them–since there is no separation between people. Without her and her teachings both on and off the mat, I could never have come as far as I have, and I’ll be forever grateful.” 
– Tomoko, Yoga Student and Interpreter in Tokyo, Japan


“I clearly remember the first time I visited Sun and Moon Yoga. I had always been inflexible and decided to do something good for my body. The idea of taking a yoga class thrilled me, but I was afraid of a studio packed with serious and flexible practitioners. To my surprise, everyone welcomed me with big smiles.

Several months later, I found something very interesting. I felt I was improving physically, but more than that, I noticed I was changing from inside. I think this is an essential aspect of the yoga that Leza is teaching. Even in a beginner’s class, Leza teaches us that yoga is not only a physical practice but also nurturing the good in ourselves, in people around us and planting seeds within our community. I am very fortunate that I could start studying yoga with her from the very beginning. Because now I know what an admirable and valuable teacher she is.

Last year I completed 200-hour and 100-hour teacher trainings. Without her truly wonderful guidance, support and encouragement, I could not have made it. I am deeply grateful to have had Leza as my yoga teacher. She is an amazing teacher, mother, writer and my role model.”
– Mari, Artist and Yoga Teacher at Mehndi Tattoo



Pranams to my Teachers:

I am indebted beyond words to my teachers, without them I would be nothing. 

Deep pranams of gratitude to Doug Powers, Veera Wibaux, Jill Edwards Minye, Tracey Rich, Ganga White, Paul and Suzee Grilley, Shiva Rea, Srivatsa Ramaswami, TKV Desikachar, Simone Simon, Ted Lafferty, Kimberley Theresa, and Narayani.


Ink Illustrations by: Akiko Tanimoto

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